Thursday, March 20, 2008

Writing and Life

Writers, especially romance/erotica writers, are often asked, "Where do you get your ideas? Are they based on personal experience?"

Honey, let's talk...

Do you HONESTLY believe someone could have all the sexual adventures we write about and still be able to walk upright? Look their parent/sibling/(and in some cases) spouse or significant other in the eye? Talk to people they went to high school with without blushing? Of course, there may be some who COULD, but I promise you, I'm not one of them.

My ideas come from the world around me - with a twist. You see, the sky in my world is a lovely shade of purple. I have a very vivid imagination and a very adventurous spirit. That's why I can write comfortably about things I will (more than likely) never experience, yet make you believe those things have someone else, of course.

I see a picture or a couple, or even two people separately and start to imagine them in various situations. What if...

WHAT IF is a writer's friend. What if she loves him, but he loves someone else? What if he secretly wants her but she thinks of him as a friend? What if they grew up together, experimented as teens, drifted apart and then come back together after a tragedy? What if they never parted, but one of them has started to secretly yearn for someone else?

All of those scenarios are ones I've read about. Some of them, I've even put a twist on and written myself.

My first release with Amber Quill Press contains a ménage à trois - a true one. Each of the three people has sex with the others one-on-one and as a group. Have I ever lived that? No, but I often wondered about it...did I ever suggest it to a significant other? Yes, but it never evolved. (this is called baring one's soul, and could be very dangerous{grin})

I hope you will read it and enjoy the love story, because ultimately, that's what it's about. A LOVE story that just happens to involve three consenting adults.

Thank you for playing along...

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