Saturday, March 8, 2008

Waiting and waiting...

One of the things I've noticed about writing and trying to sell a story is that writers do a lot of waiting.

We wait for "the perfect" story line to come to us. We wait for that brilliant flash of inspiration to strike so we can get the right words down on paper. We wait for our critique partners to get back to us with ways we can improve our stories. We wait for the "perfect" opportunity to send our story to the "perfect" editor or agent. We wait for that editor/agent to get back to us to tell us how wonderful our story is and how much they want to buy it/represent us. (or not {LOL}).

Still...we wait.

Waiting is not easy for anyone. It's especially not easy when it comes down to waiting for a contract or a review.

With the contract, your anticipation levels are high because you just want to hold proof in your hands that someone loved your story as much as you did and they actually offered you a chance to share that story with readers. You can't wait to read the contract, see in print, proof that you didn't dream that phone call or email, that someone IS actually going to put your book in print.

With reviews...well, I don't know, quite honestly. I've never actually had one, but I'm already anticipating it. Will the reviewer LIKE my story? Will she give it a good review, or will she trash it? That, frankly, scares me to death!

Waiting is never easy, but I'm really wondering if it's the WAIT or the ANTICIPATION that truly makes you crazy?

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