Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Men

Oops! I'm falling down on the job!

There's something about a "bad boy" that gets women revved up. Some of us want what that bad boy represents, but do we really want to try to change him?

Today's bad boy is...

Colin Farrell

He's sexy, he's a little dangerous, he's one of those guys who makes your heart beat a little faster as you wonder if you could 'tame' him just enough to keep him close. After all, you wouldn't want to COMPLETELY settle that bad boy would you? Where's the fun in that?
Besides, can't you look at that face and see just a LITTLE vulnerability? Don't you want to explore that - see if you can find the 'softer' side of that bad boy?
Sure, he'll be a little embarassed about showing it to you at first, but you know he'll figure out how to use that to his advantage at some point...cause he's truly a Bad Boy... and we love him.

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