Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Editing and editors...

When writers put words to paper, we're all convinced that we're writing the best possible story we can. Then we sell it and get an editor who shows us (hopefully) how much BETTER the story can become.

A good editor will build you up while he/she's telling you what you're doing wrong in your story. A good editor will repeatedly tell you how much he/she LOVES your story.
A good editor will only make your story that much stronger and that much better for your readers.

I've truly been blessed with an amazing editor who pointed out my weaknesses in a way that didn't make me feel like a total dork. She also praised my story, my characters, and my voice. The best part for me were the little side comments that had absolutely nothing to do with editing, but were just snippets she threw in (i.e., "I adore her!" when speaking about my heroine).

Now that I've finished my edits, I realize what a difficult job she has - and how much I truly appreciate her. So, Thanks, LA - You're AWESOME!!

Thank you for playing along (in my fantasy world)...

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