Thursday, April 24, 2008

Promo & Signature Lines

So, I've been thinking about Promo and what I need to do to make my book successful. I've about decided that I know nothing about true promotion.

Sure I can blog about my book and send out emails with the title of my book and links to my publisher on them, but who really reads those signature lines?

I've seen several authors who use just their name and a link to their website and others who have pretty much every book they've sold to every publisher they've sold to along with release dates and a tagline and their website address...which is more effective?

I don't know, but I do know that I don't read every line of the latter ones. I've been told that 'backlist' is key...but if this is your first sale, you don't HAVE backlist.

Anyway, I'm kinda stuck in my current story, so I think I'm really just looking for excuses not to write...well, that and I need to come up with a really great blog for my day at the RomEroticaWriters blog ( since that's "looming" on the horizon.

Speaking of signature lines - I have a website - check it out: (designed by my BFF) - I really hope you'll take a look at some of the photos there - I plan to use some of them in my promo (g).

In the meantime, I'll keep trying to write: Erotica that Fires the Imagination. I'll keep posting at RomEroticaWriters the 30th of every month. I'll update this blog as the occasion and/or my imagination warrants, and I'll continue writing.

Until next time...

Thank you for playing along...

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Carolina Valdez said...

Hi Kacey!

I was one of the first Amber Heat winners and have written for them ever since. If you figure out what works to get your books to sell, let us all know!

No one is quite sure what works and what doesn't.

Happy writing,
Carolina Valdez - Where passion unlocks the sweet ecstasies of love