Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Addition to the Family

We have a new addition in our family...

Last week my daughter and her boyfriend went to the local Humane Society and looked at all the puppies and kitties. Last Saturday, we went together and filled out the paperwork to adopt a lovely little puppy named Delilah. She's a Welsh Corgi Mix - or so the label on her cage said. She had surgery on Wednesday (so there won't be any little Delilahs running around), and we were able to bring her home Wednesday night.

She's a little love and has already settled into the family very well. Though this isn't the best picture, may I introduce you to Delilah? She was still a little woozy from the anesthetic when this picture was taken, but today she was more lively and had to greet everyone for pats and kisses.


Tarot By Arwen said...

She's just SO adorable!

Kacey said...

She is definitely a sweetie. Very calm most of the time, but we've discovered that she does NOT like cats!